Mission Statement


 Western Gateway will provide unparalleled logistics, warehousing and storage services to our customers by always balancing safety, speed, and accuracy. Our responsibilities are divided into three main areas: 

KEEP IT SAFE – This refers to the employee, the inventory and the warehouse in that order of importance. 

KEEP IT CLEAN – We are the stewards of the property of others and as such we will provide an environment we would even let our mothers eat out of. 

KEEP IT COLD – We will keep the inventory of others at temperatures set forth by our customers.


Where We Came From

Most businesses won't last more than 2 years. Western Gateway's century of business has an incredible story to tell as most centenials have. We are a proud member of our local community and we look forward to literally building upon our great legacy.  

Who We Are

At Western Gateway, we realize that we may be a small fish in a large industry, but that is frankly one of the perks. We are a family here. We take care of each other the same way we take care of our customers. Get to know us

Where We Are Going

In a state where the pioneering spirit runs deep, Western Gateway Storage has itself pioneered many modern technologies that make our facility the best in the nation. We are not afraid to innovate, look outside the box and take on new challenges. Does this sound appealing?